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Rohingyas living in 21st century Concentration Camps

September 8, 2014

Atrocities continue to be committed against Myanmar’s Muslim Rohingya who appear to be doomed for destruction if the international community persists in overlooking their plight.


Through decades of systematic discrimination worse than even the apartheid system, hundreds of thousands of Rohingyas are treated worse than animals and confined in 21st century concentration camps.


They are denied their right of citizenship, cut off from the mainstream of economic activity, living in abject poverty, and deprived of schools and medical care.


The Myanmar government continues to commit the genocide of minority Muslims in Buddhist-majority Myanmar with impunity.


For those who remain sceptical, here’s NYT journalist Nicholas Kristof’s report on the plight of the Rohingyas that would turn our stomachs:




It is shocking indeed that the world has remained largely silent about this. These crimes against humanity must stop.


Anwar Ibrahim
7th Sept 2014


Source: Anwar Ibrahim Blog